Terms of Use


Terms of Use:

We accept all sites and traffic, there are no restrictions and this is the only one shortener in the world.

Happy making lots of money!

Kami menerima semua situs dan traffic, Tidak ada larangan dan ini menjadi satu satunya shortener di dunia. 

Selamat menghasilkan uang banyak !


Welcome bonus program.

  1. Must have referrals and Your referrals have made a withdrawal of at least Ð 1000.

  2. Each time meets the minimum withdrawal limit (Ð1000), then you are entitled to withdraw the prize welcome bonus of Ð100 and multiples thereof.

So you have to make money from the url shortener, when you have earned Ð1000 then you can withdraw the Total Earnings and Money Wallet for Ð100, multiples apply.


Total Earnings of Ð1000, then you can withdraw money from Total Earnings Ð1000 and Money Wallet Ð100

Total Earnings of Ð5000, then you can withdraw money from Total Earnings Ð5000 and Money Wallet Ð500

Total Earnings of Ð10000, then you can withdraw money from Total Earnings Ð10000 and Money Wallet Ð1000

and so multiples apply.


You will receive a payment of 1-3 days after requesting a withdrawal.


* Money Wallet is used to save your money from bonuses, events or prizes.
In the future you can also advertise your products on CoolinKu so that the payment system can use Money Wallet.